hepatitis C

Read the case study below and answer the questions guided by the rubric for short answers. USE Word to create a document that has your name, the questions below and the inserted answers. When you have completed your answers, upload the document to this drop box by the deadline. Assignments sent by email or late WILL NOT BE GRADED.

You went to get a haircut yesterday and your stylist was having a conversation with another stylist in the shop.  The second stylist said that her live-in boyfriend of three years just got a blood test and discovered he had hepatitis C.  Your stylist shrugged her shoulders and said her boyfriend has never had any symptoms so she wasn’t going to worry about it.

  • After the second stylist walks away, your stylist asks you about hepatitis C. Her first question is,

“is it serious?” . Answer this question as thoroughly as you can. (3 pts)

  • How is it transmitted? (3 pts)
  • Can she be vaccinated against it? (2 pts)
  • Your stylist has heard of hepatitis A and hepatitis B, but never hepatitis C. Is it new? Explain. (2 pts)
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