Health & Wellness Assessment

Over the term of this course, you have completed several different assessment sheets covering different topics:

Unit 1

  • Health & Wellness Assessment

Unit 2

  • Evaluate Your Lifestyle  
  • Locus of Control
  • Occupational Wellness
  • Do you need to increase your level of physical activity
  • Rate your diet

Unit 3

  • Worksheet 8: Identify your Stress Level and your Key Stressors
  • Worksheet 9: Major Life Events and Stress
  • Daily Hassles and Stress
  • Time Stress Questionnaire

Unit 4

  • Sexual Values
  • Gender Roles and Society
  • How Capable Are You of Becoming Intimate
  • Test Your Sexual Knowledge and Attitudes

Unit 6

  • Drugs
  • Cancer Risk Factors and Prevention

Select 4 of these that you feel have indicated have provided new information to you.  You need to prepare a paper of minimum 1500 word length discussing which of these really helped to learn something new.

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