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Read Chapter 6 in The Complete Editor. Then complete Exercise 6.5 and Exercise 6.12. Label each of the exercises and include them in one Word document.
For Exercise 6.5 you must:
Include the headlines alongside the rewritten headlines
Follow the principles of writing headlines (logic, specificity, word precision, avoid double meanings)
For Exercise 6.12
Identify the approach used for each summary
Format sentences, expressions, and words according to AP style
Use correct grammar
Use correct spelling
Use correct punctuation
Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

Week 3 – News Story

Seeing is Believing

While we can easily become engaged in a print news story that is well-written and tailored for a specific audience, the ability of television to “show us” the news is something that has given it the edge over print news media for decades. Traditional radio also provides us with the “storytelling” aspect where we may find ourselves sitting in the car hanging on to every word of a great news story. This week, you will write a broadcast script for a television news story and for a radio news story. The television script and the radio script will both be designed for the delivery of a story that is 5 minutes in length.
Topic and Sources of Information: The issue that you choose to write about must be current and have some relevance for your local community, city, and/or state. You must derive the information for this story from print media only. You will need to read several print publications for mention of the story and take notes of the facts of the story from several national publications.
For this assignment you must:
Adhere to the Broadcast Script Template
Summarize facts and/or statistics that are relevant to the story
Develop the story for the local audience
Compare two opposing opinions about the topic
Provide proper attribution for all sources of information included (facts, statistics, images/video, and opinions).
Incorporate at least three visual elements to enhance the television story
Incorporate at least three indirect quotes (citing other sources) to enhance the radio story
A list of each of the sources must be included using the Media News Source Template
Saving Your Work: To maintain the formatting of your work, you are strongly encouraged to save your assignment as a PDF file. View Saving a Word Document as a PDF for steps on how to do this.
Check it! Your print news stories must be submitted through Grammarly and Turnitin prior to submission.
Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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