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Effective Business Communication
You work at Top Line Manufacturing, and your boss has asked you to confirm a commitment made by a motivational speaker who has agreed to present at an upcoming meeting for the staff. The meeting has been scheduled to motivate employees for the upcoming launch of a new product. Write a business letter that includes the necessary information the speaker will need to know regarding the company. Be sure to include appropriate details, such as dates, times, the setting of the meeting, the audience, and any other necessary information, to ensure a successful experience.

  1. Draft a business letter using the format discussed in the reading and the lesson presentation.
  2. Exchange your draft with a classmate, who should edit it using the track changes feature.
  3. Provide at least five comments or suggestions on your classmate’s letter and return it.
  4. Create a final copy of the business letter and submit it along with the peer-edited draft.
  5. In a separate Word document, reflect on the writing process and the benefits of peer-editing, as well as how you can use them in your personal and professional lives.

Submission Requirements:

  • Submit your assessment as three files:
    • The edited letter with tracked changes
    • The final copy of the letter
    • Your reflection on the writing and peer-editing process
  • Use Arial, 12-point font and double-spacing.
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