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Group characteristics and development

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Think of a group of which you are a member that has some history to it. Then prepare a 500- to 750-word document in which you address the following questions:

How has the group changed from the time you became a member to the present?
How would you characterize the roles that exist in the group?
How did these roles come about?
What rules or norms exist in the group?
What happens when members violate the rules or fail to observe the norms?
How do the personality characteristics of the members appear to affect how they individually interact with others?
What seems to make this group different from others in which you have been a member?
Are the members cohesive?
How are the roles in the group distributed?
Is the structure of the group hierarchical, or do members share equally in authority and power?
Ensure you are using concepts from the textbook
when answering each question.
Assignments should include in-text references to the textbook – with APA style
citations. If you reference concepts from the text (and you should!), ensure you
cite them appropriately using APA format.
By applying what you learn from the readings to the group you have been asked to analyze above, you should have a better picture of how the characteristics of individuals and groups affect communication among members and how, in turn, communication affects the ways in which groups develop. You should also come away from the exercise with a better understanding of a particular group to which you presently belong, as well as a better state of readiness for knowing what to expect in other groups in which you may become a member.
Textbook: Effective group discussion 14 edition by Gloria J. Galanes and Katherine Adams

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