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Globalisation of Law and Development

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1:for this essy i need you answer two questions.
2:for each question the world limit is 1100
3:The examination answers should be typed in 12 point characters and at 1.5 line spacing.
You may use any source material to answer the questions that you think are appropriate. Internet sources must have active links and foreign language materials must have English translations of the
title and publisher.

4:you should answer the question by following format below

question 2…….
answer 2:………
Compare the introduction of insolvency of law into any !!two!! Asian countries. Explain how the laws were selected and adopted into domestic legislation. What was the origin of the law, who
promoted and/or objected to its adoption? What arguments were raised in discussions about the law? Explain whether there has been formal, functional or hybrid convergence.

5. Judicialisation is a law reform process in which governments shift regulatory responsibly from the bureaucracy and give courts more responsibility to resolve social and economic problems. Select
one Asian country and discuss this process. Your answer should compare the jurisdiction and power of courts to deal with different kinds of social problems. Can you identify more judicialisation in
some social and economic areas than in others? What are the reasons for these differences? Give case examples.
***********read those two questions carefully word by word, make sure you answer ever sub-questions

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