gerontology programs 3 questiosn total short answer responses

GERO5068 Programs and Services in Gerontology

Final Exam


You must answer 3 questions total among the ones listed. Note that you must choose one from the first two listed and then 2 from the four listed on the second half of the page. As a guide, your responses should be not more than 2-3 double-spaced pages per question. It would be easy to write much more, but be concise. If you have kept up with the readings and discussion questions, it should take you about 30 minutes per question. Do not forget your citations and references.

Please complete this in Microsoft Word or Word Perfect format. Use only one document. If you try to attach a separate document for each question, Moodle will not let you. Make sure you lable your responses using the numbering system below. Make it clear where one question response ends and another begins. DO NOT email me your final exam; attach it to this assignment post in Moodle.


Choose one of the following questions to answer. Do not state your opinions unless you are directly asked for it; ALL information in your responses need to be based on empirical data/research.

  1. How well do we care for the physical and mental health care for older adults in America? What impacts do older adult income and health insurance this have upon the access to services to older adults? What in your opinion, should change about the system? (NOTE: You are ONLY asked for your opinion on the last part of this question; everything else you say has to be based on research.)
  2. When we talk about services for older adults it means many things, what does it mean to you? What issues do you do see with the services available for older adults? How could those issues be improved upon?


Choose 2 of the following questions to answer. As above, do not include your opinions unless asked for them; all information is to based upon research.

  1. What are the key issues confronted by older adults with regard to transportation? What services are available to older adults? How would you improve services for older adults?
  2. How are most older adults living today with respect to location and quality? If there are issues, how would you improve upon them? What would you need to know (that isn’t known currently) to make an informed decision about improving the housing conditions of older adults?
  3. Are there problems with long term care? What are they? How should we correct these problems?
  4. Describe the major areas of aging programs and services as we move into the second decade of the new century. Which do you believe are the most important and why?
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