geography rationale instructions

Geography Project – Outline Instructions


Referencing the Geography Project – Rationale assignment from Module/Week 4, develop an outline of a project service plan that you might display to potential supporters of your project. Place your project in the context of the 5 themes of geography.


Your project must be formatted in PowerPoint and include 2 or more slides for the service project and rationale, 1 slide for each of the 5 major themes of geography, and 1 or more summary slides. Your presentation must include at least 2 descriptive pictures.


Include a title slide and a reference slide, if references are used. Your presentation must be 8–10 slides, excluding the title and reference slides.




Use the following slideshow outline when creating your presentation.




II.General Overview and Rationale


III.Region Relevance


IV.Location Relevance


V.Place Relevance


VI.Movement Relevance


VII.Human-Environmental Interaction Relevance




IX.References, if applicable


Your Geography Project – Outline is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 5.


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