geography mapwork

The maps are 4 all together. map  6, 7,8 and 9.
neededed by thursday  lunch want to submit it by friday. for these
maps , do  in pencil and then scan them. i want to be able to go over
and make them my own. Any explanation or information you can write
them separately on word. i will probably go over them in colours.

general instruction from tutor:

 for general instructions, you should take a piece of blank paper and
line it will up with the cross section P-Q. Then using a pencil, make
tick marks at every point where there is a contact contour line and
mark the contour elevation. Once you have done this for the whole line
P-Q, take a piece of graph paper and transfer all of these point onto
the graph paper, exactly as they are on the blank paper. Then you can
begin to figure out what the layers look like and fill in the cross
section- look for repeated layers on both sides, which will usually
represent anticlines or synclines. You can fill in information and
determine general dips and strikes, etc.

I also found these two resources, in case my explanations aren’t clear enough:

For number 6:
For number 7:

Please let me know if you need any clarification! the one labelled msssp wasmy attempt

All the best,

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