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General Education vs. Career Specialization
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Dazed and Confused: General Education vs. Career Specialization

Joe Tech was really looking forward to college because he thought he would have freedom to select the courses he wanted and the opportunity to get into the major of his choice (computer science).
However, he’s shocked and disappointed with his first-term schedule of classes because it consists mostly of required general education courses that seem totally unrelated to his major. He’s also
frustrated because some of these courses are about subjects he already took in high school (English, history, and biology). He’s beginning to think he would be better off quitting college and going
to a technical school for a year or two so he can get right into computer science and immediately begin acquiring the skills he’ll need to work in the computer industry.

Case Assignment
Reflection Questions

If Joe decides to get a technical certificate and not pursue a college degree, how do you see it affecting his future:
in the short run, and
in the long run?
Do you see any way Joe might strike a balance between pursuing his career interest and obtaining his college degree so that he could work toward achieving both goals at the same time?
Can you relate to Joe’s story in any way, or do you know anyone else who is having a similar experience?
Assignment Expectations
Write a paper to answer the reflection questions. Each answer should be 2 to 3 paragraphs. Also needs a few Citations and references in APA format. I have an example paper I can email as well

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