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Chapter 9 in your textbook deals with discretion and dilemmas in the Legal Profession. Your assignment for this week is to respond to the following fictional case.
You’ve worked your entire life to be a criminal defense attorney and you finally made it. While sitting in your newly decorated office, you receive a phone call from an unknown male named Dewey Odessa. Dewey states that he has just been arrested by the police for raping and killing a Catholic nun (a member of a religious community of women) and he would like you to represent him. Coincidentally, you have two sisters that are Catholic nuns and you love them dearly. You also despise the crime of rape and anyone who commits any kind of sexual assault. You’re also not sure that if you accept the case that you would be able to provide the best defense for Dewey. Would you take the case and represent Dewey? Why or why not?

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