Gandhi Reaction paper

In an essay of 11/2 to 2 pages discuss the video of Gandhi and India’s history toward independence from the British


                                                                      Gandhi Reaction Paper


* Identify actions consistent with realism theory and actions consistent with liberalism and the approaches within that theory. Include levels of analysis. (Individual, Domestic and International) in your analysis.


* How did Gandhi’s leadership bring India’s independence?


* Are there circumstances today where nonviolent resistance may be used to effect change?


Support your essay with citations from the text or the video. Citations can be notes as: (Shimko p#) or (Video).


Papers should be word processed, 12 fonts, double spaced, APA margins (1″ side and bottom).

Name and Essay title at top. No cover page or sources cited page is necessary.


Be concise so you do not exceed the specific lenght of essae

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