fund technical writing discussions

This is 8 different discussions. I need the first one completed by this Sat 11 May and then one done about every 5 days. I would like the person that is working on this to also work on the assignments.

Discussion 1 – Purpose and Audience

Welcome to the Discussion Forum!

Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length.

Question A

Tell us about yourself so we can get to know you and so you can get to know others within the class. In your post, include what you believe to be your current knowledge level of this course topic and what you hope to learn before the course is over.

Question B

Based on what you have learned this week through your readings, what makes communication technical? Even more specifically, what makes a piece of written communication technical writing? In your response, use terminology from the readings and provide examples that might help the class to better understand this distinction.

Question C

After reading about the portfolio project, what ideas do you have for a mock business or organization? Share them with your classmates so they can help you brainstorm some of these ideas. You will need to make a decision for the assignment this week, so take advantage of any help you can get.

View your discussion rubric.

Discussion 2

Brief Correspondence

In the workplace, it is essential to communicate ideas quickly and completely. We don’t typically have the time to read clever prose or to explore newly-presented ideas in depth, especially if they don’t apply directly to what we are currently working on.

For this question, find an email or short business document (one you can share). Break the email down into its basic features (refer to the textbook for basic features of emails, letters, and memos). Then answer the following questions:

How could this email / document have relayed its message more efficiently without losing any essential details?

Do you think this email / document would have been more effective by highlighting only the essential information? Why or why not?

In your post, please attach a copy of the email or document you are working with.

*Please remove any names, business logos, or other identifying information before sharing the document/email.

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Discussion 3

Writing Instructions

Chose a specific product or service your mock business or organization provides. Write a short description of the product or service including a brief description of the targeted user. Next, create a set of written instructions for how to use the product or service (5-7 steps). You can find an example in our textbook, but your instructions do not need to be so detailed.

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Discussion 4

Working in Teams

While we are not working in teams for our portfolio projects, we are working in teams throughout our weekly discussions. Think about the Tuckman’s four stages as explained in chapter three: forming, storming, norming, and performing. Looking back at the discussions in this class or in your previous classes, identify the ways you have seen the class working one or more of these stages. If you have not seen this playing out in your course discussions, describe a time when you have seen these stages playing out in your professional or personal experiences.

How might your awareness of these stages help you in future collaborative projects? Give examples and justify your response.

View your discussion rubric.

Discussion 5


Looking back to the proposal you wrote in week three, think about what evidence you might need to convince your readers to accept your proposal. Write three to four research questions based on your proposal. Then, list places you might find sources that could help you to best support your plan.

Work with your classmates to refine your questions and share ideas about where you might find quality sources.

View your discussion rubric.

Discussion 6

Looking at Design

Search the web for a business’ or organization’s website that you find effective (it would be even better if you can find a website of a potential competitor to your portfolio project subject). Share the link to this website, and answer the following questions:

What are some particular things about this website that you admire?

What could have been done better or more concisely?

Could any of the information you see be better represented visually?

Are there areas in the website that could be enhanced by adding a chart or table?

Discuss the aesthetic properties of the website in terms of white space, font style and color, layout, ease of navigation, etc.

View your discussion rubric.

Discussion 7

Abstract Workshop

As we come closer to the end of our portfolio project, there are still a couple of things left to complete. One of these items is your abstract—a 100-150 word description of your project. In your initial post, craft that abstract and post it to the discussion forum.

In your responses, help your classmates revise and edit their abstracts. Don’t just respond by saying, “I like it!” or “Good job!” Instead, do your best to provide a quality critique of your classmates’ work and provide advice, based on what we have covered in the class, about how to make it the best it can be.

View your discussion rubric.

Discussion 8

Course Reflection

Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length.

Consider all the topics we have addressed throughout this course. Think about the connections you have made with your classmates and your instructor. Look back at all you have created over the past eight weeks.

What is the most important thing you have learned or experienced in this class?

What more do you feel you need to know?

If you give one piece of advice to a student first entering this course, what would it be?

How do you think what we have accomplished over the past eight weeks will help you throughout the rest of your degree program and/or in your professional life?

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