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Write a 1-2 page standard academic response to ONE of the stories, wherein you identify the theme of the work, and support your claims with specific evidence from the text. Use this week?s discussion as a way to work through the stories, then synthesize those ideas into a short 1-2 page formal academic response. A formal or standard academic piece of writing should have a thesis statement–in the case of writing about literature that thesis typically takes the form of an argument about what you believe the theme of the work to be, but can also focus in on a particular element from the text that contributes to the author?s development of that theme–should avoid personal reference as much as possible–though it?s a myth that you can NEVER say I in formal writing–and refer to specific moments in the text, quoting when necessary, to support the argument. This homework is a warm up for the first paper, so pay special attention to the feedback you receive. The story is forever over head by david Wallace

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