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One of the ways to be disposed of your real property is through the process of foreclosure. Due to the state of the economy it is projected that the instances of foreclosures will not be decreasing any time soon. In this project you will examine the issues surrounding the concept of foreclosure.

An APA Formatted, Outline and Thesis Statement, and then your 3-5 page final paper where you will be examining the issues surrounding the concept of foreclosure. Paper must include at least three ways to prevent future instances of foreclosure. Need at least 3 peer reviewed sources and 2 non-peer reviewed sources.

A343 Outline


  1. Dramatic incident, statistic, or quote to introduce the issue of foreclosure.
  2. An introduction of your topic
  3. Thesis statement in which you preview what you are going to say about foreclosure.


  1. What are the facts?
    1. Define Foreclosure
    2. Synthesize the process for foreclosing upon a home.
    3. Compare and contrast statistics amongst the states with the highest instances versus the lowest instances of foreclosure
    4. Include an actual story of foreclosure as an example.
  2. Why do some states experience more instances of foreclosure than others?
    1. What are the leading reasons for foreclosure in the states with the highest instances?
    2. What are the reasons for the low rate of foreclosure in the states with low occurrences?
  • Long term versus Short term effects of foreclosure
    1. What are the short term effects of foreclosure in a region?
    2. What are the long term effects of foreclosure on a region?
  1. What can be done to minimize future instances of foreclosure?
    1. Prevention
    2. Prevention
    3. Prevention


  1. Summarize main points
  2. Offer some parting advice to reduce future instances of foreclosure.

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