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Unit5 – Individual Project

Due Date: Jul 9, 2014      
Max Points: 125


Prepare and deliver a professional presentation on a selected topic in criminal justice. Your presentation must be at a minimum of 10 PowerPoint slides excluding the cover slide and reference slide.

Your supervisor was impressed with your research and has asked you to create a presentation to share what you learned with the department. You will be given 2–3 minutes to present the findings of your research in a formal oral presentation to your group members and instructor using a PowerPoint file as visual support.

Your group and instructor will need to find a mutually agreeable time to meet online. Click here for a review of the microphone instructions.

  1. Send the file that your group members and instructor are to have open during your presentation prior to the scheduled meeting time.
  2. Prepare to present to your group prior to the last day to allow time for the Discussion Board assignment, where you will be reflecting on presentation.
  3. Use the microphone provided to you, along with the live chat features of your computer.
  4. Give the presentation to your group.

This assignment will be assessed using additional criteria provided

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