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Financial Crime Management
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This is a topic proposal for a 30-50 pages Capstone Project. After topic is approved by the faculty I will place another order with the same writer for 30-50 page
Capstone Project that has to be developed within 2 months (but If needed more time will be allowed, its due in August). So, I need the writer who takes this order to
be ready to work on the Capstone Project as well. Also, this paper has to be completed by certain schedule and deadlines which means that the writer has to in constant
contact with me… sending me completed work on the weekly basis… it described in the schedule/plan, and I will provide feedback obtained from professor for necessary
Capstone Project will be developed and finalized consistent with APA standards and the Graduate Thesis/Capstone Project Formatting and Submission Guide. The
Introduction and Literature Review sections of the capstone paper will be developed in the first 8 weeks. During second 8 weeks you will complete the Discussion of the
Findings and Recommendations and Conclusion sections, make final edits to tie all the sections together, and complete other aspects of the paper such as the table of
contents, abstract, and appendices (if needed). Rigorous scheduling deadlines must be met for completion of this paper within one full semester (two 8-week terms).
Types of Capstone Projects
Capstone projects are in essence extended literature reviews and may include, but shall not be limited to, the following:
1. Policy analysis: Examine an issue of current relevance to public policymaking, financial investigation, national security, etc… as it relates to the Financial Crime
Management area. Is there a government alternative for solving a generally recognized problem?
2. Program evaluation: Attempt to determine the success or failure of an existing Financial Crime Management program, law, doctrine, regulation, etc…. Why did it work?
Why not? The subject could include a process evaluation, impact evaluation, or cost benefit analysis using available public information as the primary source.
3. Technology assessment: Assessment of Financial Crime Management technologies from either an analytical or applied method. Analytical methods examine technologies
from a conceptual viewpoint, whereas applied methods might include a hands-on, industry-based component evaluating a new detection software program.
4. Technology development: Pursue and develop a technical solution for an existing problem. For example, it may be a new detection program or set of tools to analyze
data, enhance authentication for, a new payment method, etc.
The topic has to be related to Financial Crime Management. You may give me more than one topic if you want. The goal is to get it approved by faculty so we may start
working on the Capstone Project. I only added 1 page because there is no requirement on topic proposal write up. So I guess topic with paragraph or two problem
statement/introduction will be enough. Let me know if there is any questions.

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