Final Presentation – Interpersonal Communication, Managing Conflict, and Listening

We have conflict all around us. Refer to the concepts in Looking Out Looking In (LOLI) and Becoming a Critical Thinker (BCT). For this assignment, you will take the social issue you wrote about last week and turn it into an 11 slide Powerpoint Presentation.

For this presentation, you will select one slide design in PowerPoint that you like.

Use only the fonts, font sizes, colors, and background/background color provided in that template. Let Microsoft be your slide designer!

Each slide should have 6-8 bullet points of text used to describe each of the concepts you wrote about above. There should be no long paragraphs of text copied and pasted on the slides.

Limit images to the cover page. It would make sense to use an image on the cover page. That would be fine.

Remember, the task here is to provide an informational summary of your paper in the form of a presentation.

View your assignment rubric.

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