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Topic: The role of the yellow journalism in causing the Spanish-American war. You need to pick a specific form of yellow journalism. You need a specific newspaper or specific reporter. This is a very specific topic, and once again, I will remind you MUST have an arguable claim.

The introduction of any paper is roughly 15 – 20% of the paper itself. So, if your essay is 10 pages the introduction should be 2 pages. Does this mean that the introduction will be one paragraph? No. The introduction may be 2 or 3 or more paragraphs. In the case of this paper, I would recommend that the introduction be between 2 or 3 paragraphs.

There are five steps to the Introduction. They are:

1. Attention-getter or The Hook. This is the part where you grab the reader’s attention in the very first couple of sentences. Begin your essay with a bang!

2. Introduce your topic – what are you writing about and why

3. Now identify the “problem” in that topic. What I mean by “problem” here is that there must be a point of debate in this topic. If not, do not write about it. What are the different sides of debate in this topic and that is the “problem.”

4. What do “others” say about this problem? The “others” are your research: they are the scholars, historians, and whoever you researched. Go ahead and quote and cite a couple and paraphrase another couple. Give different sides of the argument that historians present concerning this problem.

5. Finally, what do you say? What is YOUR argument. This is your CLAIM. It must be the last sentence in your introduction.

Moving towards completing our Research Paper it is now time to begin writing the rest of the paper. Be sure to write your Introduction before you move into this phase of writing the rest of the paper.

To support your CLAIM you need at least 3 sub-claims. (Arguments that will support your larger argument)

Now, you will begin outlining your paper:

Introduction ———————————————— 2 pages

A short summary of the historical background ——-1/2 page

Subclaim # 1 ———————————————— 1 1/2 – 2 pages

Subclaim # 2 ———————————————— 2 pages

Subclaim # 3 ————————————————- 2 – 3 pages

Conclusion —————————————————- 1/2 page

As you will notice that the above structure should take you past 8 pages and up to 10 pages as well.

Be sure to keep your strongest point as Subclaim # 3 and your weakest/shortest as Subclaim # 1.

For each subclaim you will present your argument, offer the research that supports or refutes it, offer any further evidence, anaylze the evidence and then wrap up reiterating your subclaim and tie it back to your main claim.

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