film 100 2

 Cinemotography Post (50 points for discussion/answers 50 pts for initial thread, up to 10 pts extra credt for peer response.) In any of the above movies you will be Describing the films use of depth of field and Mobile Framing.   For depth of film, you are focusing on lens manipulation, for mobile framing, it has to do with actual movement of camera.  Try to include at least two different technicque in each category.

For Depth of field you can look at  deep focus or racking focus or different types of shots; ie. long, medium, extreme-long, close up.  (this all has to do with lens manipulation) .  Pick two techniques to focus on. Describe the way both of the two techniques you chose was used in the film you viewed for this week using a specific scene or scenes. Also, interpret the implicit meaning of the shot. In other words, how does the shot suggest something about the character (or object) being filmed, and what does it suggest? In addition Describe two scenes from the film you watched for this week in which the camera utilized two different mobile Framing techniques. What movements did the camera make and how was it made? How did the use of this technique influence the mise-en-scene? Again what was the implicit meaning of this usage of the camera in this way. Techniques to consider with Mobile Framing  are Angle, Level and height discussed on page 190 and types of mobile framing discussed on page 195.

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