Fieldwork: Mapping a Block” Essay Dissertation Help

Select an area that is approximately one city block. The area you study should be inhabited by or frequently used by people. Examples can include a city block, both sides of a street, a street
corner, an indoor space such as a shopping center, or a park. The spaces should be partially public to allow for observation.
Spend at least an hour sitting and observing people within the space. Take careful field notes. For an outdoor space, describe the buildings, businesses, residences, schools, hospitals, and any
other interesting features. Make note of infrastructure such as power lines, streets, sewers, and transportation. For an indoor space, describe rooms, offices, hallways, entrances and exits, public
and private areas, and lighting. Describe the space using multiple senses including sounds and smells.
In a Microsoft Word document (DOCX) answer the following questions:
What location did you choose? Why did you choose it? Describe the location.
What did you notice in your observations that you’ve never noticed before?
What is absent that you might have expected?
What changes when you revisit the same space at a different time of day or a different day of the week?
Create a map of the space. Use a pencil and ruler. Consider adding color and identify different features of the space. Scan or photograph your work, and embed in your document.
Include documentary photography or research about the location. Examples of additional research might include census data, Google Earth images, and news clips.

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