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Read the postings from your classmates and respond to different postings.(250 word response)
Social class affects family life in many ways. Children in middle and upper class households are often involved in many activities and monitored more closely by parents. In most cases, one or both
of the parents are working. Parents “work” workload, combined with their unpaid work at home, can lead to a busy lifestyle, which results in the need for structure within the family. In contrast,
lower-class families often allow their children more freedom, and are less involved in their lives. In addition, the social environment of the family also impacts family life. Families usually stay
within their social class when choosing friends, places of work, and neighborhoods. Because the family spends most of their time with their friends, coworkers, and neighbours, they become
influenced by them and these influences impact the way that the family works. Gender can have an impact on family life. Though traditional gender roles are slowly being eliminated, they are still
evident in family life. Children may be given “boy jobs” and “girl jobs,” or play sports that are typically associated with their gender. For example, a boy may be given chores such as mowing the
lawn or fixing the car, whereas a girl may do things like cooking and cleaning. This can create a division within the family, and reinforce traditional gender roles, which can cause frustration for
children if they do not enjoy their job, or feel that they do not identify with the gender they feel they are being assigned. These roles not only impact family life, but can spread to the
individual lives of the family members as well. For example, as an adult, a daughter who has grown up doing mostly “girl jobs” may not feel that she is qualified to apply for jobs that are
traditionally done by men, whereas a girl who has been taught by her parents that she is capable of doing jobs traditionally done by men may feel more freedom to work in a male-dominated career.
Race and ethnicity can have an impact on family life in a similar way that social class does. In most families (not all, of course), the parents are of the same race, and generally have a social
group of that same race. Thus, the family’s influences are mostly coming from the same background. Children may be involved in activities where the other participants are of the same race or
ethnicity, and they may be encouraged to find friends and/or spouses of the same background. For example, a Ukrainian immigrant family may choose to live in a region with a high Ukrainian
population, attend a Ukrainian church, and put their children in Ukrainian dance. By doing this, they are ensuring that their children are surrounded by people of the same background. By doing
this, the parents can have more control on their family life, as the children’s outside influences will be similar to their family influences. By surrounding the family with people of the same race
and ethnicity, the family life can flow more smoothly, as family life and social life are similar

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