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Project /Taskstream Assignment:
You will be asked to demonstrate your understanding of the course content through a Taskstream written assignment in which you will apply the theory you have learned during the course. The state of Florida requires that you receive a passing grade on this assignment to pass the class. If you do not pass this assignment, you will be allowed one rewrite. You will submit this paper individually through Taskstream.

Each student will complete a project pertaining to the development of a resistance and cardiovascular training program as well as answer several questions pertaining to the programs they developed.

1) Identify (i.e. in paragraph form) a minimum of 12 resistance training exercises and the primary muscles trained through their performance (e.g. squat- prime movers- gluteus maximus and hamstrings at the hip and the quadriceps muscle group at the knee). In terms of body segment breakdown, a minimum of five exercises must be listed for each the upper and lower body with two being listed for the trunk/abdominal region.(The muscle groups will be identified in class).
2) Using these 12 exercises (more can be included if desired), put together a four-week “beginner” resistance training program utilizing proper training frequency, training intensity (% 1RM), training volume (sets x reps) and rest intervals.
3) Explain and show the calculations for your subject’s cardiorespiratory training zones using the Karvonen formulas.
4) Write a four-week aerobic workout program identifying the mode, frequency, intensity, and duration of exercise.
5) Briefly answer the following questions pertaining to the workout you have described above.
a. In regards to resistance training, how does rep number and rest intervals affect which anaerobic system provides the majority of ATP during exercise completion?
b. From the program you developed, which primary metabolic system is most influential in providing ATP?
c. Describe EPOC. Is there a difference between steady state and interval training as it relates to this post exercise oxygen consumption?
d. List five physiological adaptations that will occur from continuous aerobic exercise and how they influence one’s improvement in max. aerobic capacity.

Format: All take home assignments must be typed and handed in on time. The project must include:
– Cover page
– Introduction
– Main Content (which includes…)
1. 12 Exercises description
2. 4-week Resistance training program 3. HR calculations
4. 4-Week endurance training program
5. Thorough answer of the five questions
– Conclusion
– Bibliography

The TaskStream assignment you complete in this course, “Weight Training Program” will demonstrate your understanding of the following competencies:
Target Acceptable Unacceptable
*Progression scheme
*Appropriate exercises *Warmup and post session
Criteria assesses
RI 3
• Identifies progression scheme
• Identifies appropriate exercises and muscle groups trained by these exercises • Identifies warm-up activities and post session stretching exercises
• Able to describe some principles of progression scheme • Identify some appropriate strengthening exercises • Identify some warm-up activities for shoulder and post session stretches
• Unable to describe a progression scheme • Unable to identify appropriate strengthening exercises • Unable to identify appropriate muscle groups developed by the strengthening exercises • Unable to identify warm-up activities for shoulder and post session stretches

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