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For this assignment, each student should prepare a 1,750 – 2,250 word essay (approximately 7 pages) plus a works cited/references list. Responses should explicitly cite course materials when relevant. Students should consider and reflect on the ideas and information presented through course readings and class presentations, and then develop and write a response to the following questions:

1. What is the primary work of a chief executive officer (CEO)? What are the core or primary roles and responsibilities that are central to the work of an effective CEO of a medium to large nonprofit organization? Please be as complete as possible in articulating and explaining.

2. What, in your opinion, is the relationship between competence and effectiveness of the CEO and the success of the overall organization? In what ways are these likely to be related (or should be related)?

3. What does it take to do this work well? What is essential or highly desirable, with regard to:
a. Knowledge?
b. Skills?
c. Abilities?
d. Other competencies or characteristics?

4. How well are you prepared to serve in the chief executive role of a nonprofit organization at this time? For which roles and responsibilities are you best prepared, and which are likely to require further professional development? What are your primary assets with regard to knowledge, skills, abilities, and other areas of competence? What do you believe you would be well advised to continue to develop?

The grade for this assignment will be evaluated based on:

? The quality of content, including accuracy, thoughtfulness, comprehensiveness, creativity, the development of logical and appropriate conclusions, and relevant and well-reasoned recommendations; and,
? The quality of writing, including organization and presentation of information, clarity of expression, clean and professional presentation and appearance, and appropriate grammar and punctuation.

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