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Evolving Contexts In Service

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For this assignment please use all uploaded files (BTO+CH6+CH7-2) except chapter7 titled(Event Logistics and Supplies) don’t use it please, only this..

My Course Description and Objectives
Course Name: Evolving Contexts in Service
Description: Service design is a holistic design process. It uses skills from a variety of disciplines (design, management and process engineering) to develop models to create new services or to
improve existing services in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The emphasis of the process is to provide value to the customer; as a service differentiator or create unique
experiences for the customer. Service design uses methods and tools from a variety of disciplines to assist with the analysis and creation of enhanced systems. These tools include; mapping,
blueprinting, analysis of customer behavior, market analysis, service marketing and service recovery. The outcome of this course is to provide students with the fundamentals of service design
thinking to allow them to lead the efforts of systematic design in a variety of disciplines.
Objectives: This is the initial course in the Service Leadership & Innovation. The goal of this course is to design or refine existing models of service to provide value to the customer and
differentiate the services in the most efficient and cost effective manner as possible.
after this brief intro to the course description I need you to read the attached document and based on what the teacher requires answer the questions. Im attaching the needed book chapters as well
to read and answer the questions for the The BTO Scenario.

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