evaluate hume s claim i say then that even after we have experience of the operations of cause and effect our conclusions from that experience are not founded on reasoning or any process of the understanding

Work with me if you are familiar with David Hume and George Berkeley‘s philosophy.

PLEASE READ MY ATTACHMENT CAREFULLY!!!I have laid out the requirement and the structure of this paper in a very specific manner. It’s have-to-do list for this assignment. It would be very helpful and you would know exactly what to write about 🙂

I’ve also attached the only reading material needed for this assignment.

For the paper: 9 pages, double spaced, fond: times

This paper answers to the following questions:

—First explain why Hume says this?

—Then, employing the views of George Berkeley, formulate a critical response to Hume’s claim. What would he say in response to Hume?

—Finally, assess the response you have formulated. Is Hume correct that the beliefs under discussion here are not rationally justified?

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