essay instructions2

For the third and final essay, pick any film to watch and analyze. Identify one of the key messages of the film and discuss how the filmmakers use some of the various style techniques we have discussed this term to get that message across. Whatever film you choose, you should work in a comparison to other films based on one of two ideas:

genre theory:
how does the film fit in with others like it? Is it a typical example of its genre or does it defy expectations?

auteur theory:
How does this film fit in with others from the same filmmaker? Is the message one that is explored frequently? Does it make similar stylistic decisions or common elements of mise en scene (including casting)? Note that auteur theory typically applies to directors, but can sometimes be used for other collaborators as well, actors, writers and cinematographers especially, if you find a strong connection between the themes or stylistic decisions in a number of their works.

This paper must contain a research component. You must incorporate at least two outside sources, one of which must be first hand (directly from the filmmakers).

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