essay 5

(Topic: Team-Based Structures):    (THIS ESSAY MUST BE SUBMITTED IN!!!)

Many organizations use team-based structures to achieve their goals. Team-based structures feature shared leadership, collective work, and an emphasis on collaboration. In an essay, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of team-based structures. Then describe steps that organizations can take that will help make teams more effective. Support your conclusions with examples from the business world and/or your personal experiences working in a team-based structure.


These are 100 to 1000 words in length to be submitted at You should write your paper in MS Word andcopy and paste the document into submission field in  Due dates for papers can be found in the Calendar in, on the Assignment Excel File on the home page and the Assignment tool. (Each paper is worth 20 points)

After you are in the Calendar in, click on the Details Tab for the field for submitting your essay. There is a specific grading rubric  located in the Rubric tab.

Your paper should demonstrate your understanding of the analysis and your personal insights/observations/conclusions as required by the assignment. Your analysis must be in your own words, however, you should back up/support your ideas with information from the text and/or outside source material.  Papers will be graded on the criteria above in addition to grammar, spelling and readability. PAPERS SHOULD NOT BE OVER 1000 WORDS. It is important to practice effective business writing – come to the point, be clear and concise, do not stray from the topic and do not overly repeat yourself

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