Environmental Sustainability Essay Help

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Environmental Sustainability

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Your paper will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Have you made a clear and compelling case for the importance of your topic to environmental sustainability?

Is your topic appropriately focused, or is it too broad, only allowing for superficial treatment in a 10-page paper?

Depth of discussion: how well do you consider the complexity of the issue? Do you provide supporting ideas, data, and statistics from quality sources to make your

Integration of knowledge: where relevant, do you mention the connections between your topic and key issues that we discussed throughout the course of the semester?

Tangible solutions: what would you suggest that we do to address your problem? Do you show an understanding of the societal players involved and have a feasible plan
to engage them?

Organization, spelling, and grammar: is your paper easy to follow, with an effective introduction, conclusion, and transitions between topics? Have you corrected
spelling and grammatical errors?

Sources and citations: Are your sources of high quality and reputable? Do you use a good mix of background and specialized sources, and are they cited appropriately
(see page 6 of the syllabus)? You are encouraged to consult several sources, including journal articles, news articles, reputable websites, reports from government
agencies or reputable NGOs, economic analyses, and readings that we used in class as needed.


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