environmental analysis project

two to three paragraphs for each question. Can you have it back to me by Saturday at noon? He wants us to show leadershp style veribage the terminolgoy used in the leadership book. please email me if you have any questions.


Metro Police Dept

Issues/Challenges: Here’s a brief outline of issues that I took from our scenario. Feel free to add others

that I may have missed.

• Public is unhappy with the abusive mistreatment by police officers.

• Authoritarian style: encourage paramilitary values and a “them-against-us attitude”; efficient

and intolerant; aloof and highly professional

• No training in dealing with people; interpersonal skills are lacking

• Costing taxpayers and the city money due to large lawsuits by minority groups; racial profiling;

lack of cultural diversity training/awareness

• Chief of police (COP) is a major part of the problem; defending the harsh tactics by police

officers; provides little communication with public about allegations of abuse

• COP Discourages community-oriented policing; people-friendly attitudes

• COP has been accused of making disapproving remarks towards minorities: women, Hispanics

and African-Americans

Questions to address: Here are some basic questions that we will assign, however, feel free to add more

questions if you see we need to add more information.

1. Did this case involve an internal or external environmental impact challenge? How did you reach

this conclusion?

2. Identify potential leadership responses to the challenges in the case study. (Taihessa )

3. Discuss the environmental impact and make relevant concepts including: (Jackson)

a. Stakeholders (Jackson)

b. ethical decision making, (jackson)

c. challenges to people, processes and performance(jackson)

4. Answer the questions at the end of the case study. Dana

a. Identify themes that you would like to make a part of your vision for the police

b. If you get the job, how will you gain acceptance for your vision? How will you implement

c. Would you relish the challenge of becoming police chief of Metropolis? Why or why department.

changes that support the new vision and values?



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