engineering ethic



Read the Fledderman textbook on Engineering Ethics

Answer the following questions from the text:

  1. What are the roots of your personal code of ethics?
  2. Engineering codes of ethics require engineers to protect the safety and health of the public in the course of their duties. Do the astronauts count as “public” in this context? Explain your answer.
  3. Write a code of ethics for the students in your school. Start by deciding what type of code you want: short, long, detailed, etc.Then, list the important ethical issues you think students face. Finally, organize these ideas into a coherent structure. Show all steps of this process in your submission. 
  4. Look up at least two different codes of ethics on professional Engineering Society Websites. Then compare and contrast the two codes in a written narrative. Send me the URL for the web page where you found each of the codes of ethics 

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