Engineering design and innovation Essay Help

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Engineering design and innovation

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This section consists of four parts. we are working in a group of four and we have done half of the report, you can go through what we have done &help me with these
two questions which are my parts, &please write them in 3 pages with the references, these include:

1) identifying stakeholders and proposing DETAILED methods of stakeholder engagement;
2) providing a DETAILED communication plan and capacity building plan.
these 2 parts are in the guid line in page(39).
–to make it clear for you please ‘READ EVERY SINGLE PAGE CAREFULLY THAT ARE BEEN ATTACHED HERE’. coz I’m not quite sure if it is a reflective writing or other type of
writing, so please it’s important to refer to the attachments,
*The number of references depend on what the writer think is possible.


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