Engineering an Empire Paper

Instead of reading a supplement book and writing a term paper you will be watching various episodes from a series called Engineering an Empire from which you will be writing a paper. It should be 6+ pages typed and double-spaced (less than six FULL pages will affect grade). Font 12 and one inch margins. In addition, include a cover page and bibliography. I don’t require a specific method (such as MLA). NO OTHER SOURCES ARE PERMITTED. Paper should discuss the development of technology and innovations and their impact on the development of Western Civilization as described in the videos. Don’t focus on the engineering specifics, focus on what was developed, why it was developed and the significance of each development. Also, include an analysis of common thread/threads throughout the civilizations in the videos. Quality of writing will be a factor in determining grade. Paper should be written in essay format and as one essay not six separate essays. See me or writing center if you need assistance with writing. Be aware that plagiarism will result in failure and be reported to the administration. Note that papers will be checked for plagiarism. The videos can all be viewed online (YouTube) or in Module 13. The episodes we will be watching are 1)“The Persians,” 2) “Greece,” 3) Greece: Age of Alexander,” 4)“Carthage,” 5) “Rome” 6) “The Byzantines.” Each episode is around 45 minutes except Rome which is round 90 minutes. Optional: You may submit a rough draft for review before due date. Deadline for rough drafts is May 6. Be sure to specify that it is a rough draft. If you submit a final draft before the due date state that it is the final draft. Any submissions before May 8 should identify whether it is a rough or final draft.

As you watch each episode write a rough draft and when you finish all six edit and combine into one essay. Doing it this way will make it more manageable.

Again, minimum 6 pages not including any cover pages or bibliographies.

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