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1)      Bibliography on at least 5-7 Research Academic Scholarly Sources (References) 5-6 sentences each Should be 2-3 Pages. Explaining what authority do the references have to make the information accurate

2)      Create an abstract or summary stating how it applies to Robotic Surgery—Summarize what it is all about Robotic Surgery- Political and Legal issues/ Psychological considerations and sociological effects

Due on Friday 8 p.m January 16, 2015 8:00 CENTRAL TIME———————————————————————————————————————

3-5 Pages, APA, Double Spaced Due January 22, Friday (1week)

(Summary) Political and Legal issues of Robotic Surgery?

(Summary) Identify and explore What the Psychological considerations and sociological effects when having or doing Robotic Surgery?


Robotic Surgery- Assess the issues associated with Robotic Surgery to properly analyze the various elements of the project, research will cut across disciplines and include academic, scientific and industry sources.

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