Electronic medical Record Essay Help

You are the newly appointed manager of the hospital’s clinical redesign and education unit. You have
been recently approached by the management of your hospital about the new release of the software
for electronic health records. This release will involve significant new functionality to that which is
currently provided. There will be new software, hardware required as well as a large change
management requirement.
The new functionality in particular addresses requirements for some of the key specialties including
cardiology and respiratory. New pathways are also being built into the EMR to aid with the
management of stroke, cardiology and hip fracture in line with current guidelines. The new release of
software will expand the amount of information currently shared with polyclinics and community based
service programs.
In order to ensure that the implementation of the new software release is a success, the hospital
executive want to provide funding to your unit for a project. The project funding will assist with
preparing staff education, clinical pathways and any other necessary task that you identify as
Your task is to complete the project plan and budget for this project together with a short PowerPoint
(12 slides) presentation for the executive regarding the project

Develop a project plan and necessary budget for this project based on the information provided. The
hospital executive present you with some data that will help you to initiate this project plan. You are
free to make assumptions but explain this in your Project Plan.
The executive has given you 3 weeks to complete the project plan. The major deliverable from the
project when it is completed is a report that outlines how the new release will be implemented and
recommendations to ensure its success.
The new release will be implemented from June over a 6-month period with full installation completed
by January.


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