Eitzen Book Discussion – Chapters 1-3 Essay Dissertation Help

1. Read Chapters 1-3 in the Eitzen book, Solutions to Social Problems: Lessons from Other Societies, pages 3-22.
2. Read the power point notes entitled, Claims and Warrants (Links to an external site.) – see attachment below.
3. Discuss the following, making sure to send at least one response/comment post to a classmate. Remember to add something of substance, use your critical thinking skills and support your comment with data.
– Chapter 1 presents evidence that some indicators of social problems in the United States are declining, while the social problems index overall shows a worsening of life conditions in our country. Which argument did you find more persuasive? Use evidence as support.
– Chapters 2-3 discuss European and Scandinavian social programs and the pros and cons of a “welfare state”. Explain some of the positive and negative consequences of these programs.
– Why do we not have similar programs in the United States? What changes might have to occur in our society for social safety nets to be more widespread and/or generous? Would the consequences be the same here as they have been in smaller European countries? Why or why not?
*30 points
Claims and Warrants – Notes – PDF.pdf

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