economics methods multiple regression model anova tables


1. Develop a multiple regression model to explain unemployment (the “Y” variable) in the country you have been assigned. Your initial regression must include at least four independent variables. Your final regression may have as few as one independent variable. Include a narrative describing your investigative process. Provide enough detail for me to be able to evaluate the decision-making process you went through. Include the regression and ANOVA tables for your first and last regressions.

2. Forecast GDP one period ahead for your assigned a country. Use a minimum of eight forecasting techniques. Report the results of your investigation and include a table with the one-period-ahead forecast from the models you used and forecast evaluation measures (at least two different ones) for each model. Choose the best model and explain (defend) your choice. Provide enough detail for me to be able to evaluate your decision-making process.

  • Maximum length is six pages (six sheets of paper). Narratives must be typed. Print out the data you used on one of the pages you turn in.
  • my country is canada. website :
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