Economics Class Proposal

This is a group assignment and total words for our proposal have to be between 500 and 700 words. I am required just to do A and B, introducing the topic and background info on issue. Our topic is: The government regulation of fuel prices, such as gasoline. The government is fighting to decrease air pollution and therefore this affects the price in the fuel market. Many states have different requirements for types of gas used in order to pass emissions tests and the different gases causes market fluctuations in different states. Also, taxes in different states cause the price of gas to vary from state to state. Here are the instructions:

Reflective Topic

A topic that reflects one of the following: government regulation of environmental issues in the wake of disasters; government regulation of financial markets; government nationalization or partial-nationalization of a business often left to private industry; or government incentives to business to promote economic growth.

A) Introduction to the topic
B) Background identifying the issues to be covered and environmental impacts
C) Analysis of the role of government and regulatory actions
D) Policy recommendations
E) Conclusions, the concepts of market efficiency or inefficiency in allocating resources, and the concept of a public good.

Can you do this? If so, how much and can you have this done by tonight or tomorrow morning?

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