ECN 320 HW1



Directions: Select a current event that pertains to the current learning in the classroom.  The current event can come from any reliable resource including the local television news, CNN, MSN, New York Times, newspapers, Excelsior library, etc.


When completing this assignment, you will want to include the following:


1.      Brief reaction to the article/work (article should relate to the current course learning)

2.      Explain why you feel this article pertains to class

3.      Summary of the article/work: Summarize the importance of the topic vs. our class learning

4.      Bibliographical entry – Follow APA format for both the current event and case study


Work will be double spaced, two pages in length (double spaced) and follow the format listed below:


  1. Summary: A brief description of the premise of the article.
  2. Background: What was the basis for the article?  What caused the author to write the article?
  3. Findings:  What were the results/findings the article made?
  4. Reaction to the article: What did you think?




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