Please look up earthseed and know what it is.

here is an example that my friend wrote. DO NOT COPY IT OR USE THE SAME QUOTES. it has been provided so that you have an idea of whats going on

Today the world is in a state of resource exhaustion, nonrenewable sources are being depleted more and more every day. We rely on fossils fuels for energy and natural springs for water, but these are finite sources. We are using fresh water at a faster rate than the earth can produce it and mining oils at rates exponentially greater than the planet produces them at. In no time we will destroy our own home. What drives this further is the issue of separation, today we have so many different communities that differ in many ways. This segregation makes it difficult for us to all come together and find a solution. A solution is not far off nor is it hard to grasp as Octavia Butler explains “I have observed that the main subject of persuasion, Earthseed, is pragmatically utopian,” (Butler 69) The first step is education, making people aware of the issues and letting them know it can be fixed. Butler also states that “Change is inevitable, and yet its precise nature is not” (Butler 55) meaning that something will happen, but we have the control over whether the change will be in our favor or against it. A community must be formed to ensure that this inevitable change in our favor. However, this community does not require a physical location. Rather this community must be held within its members wherever they may be. This way the movement not only spreads from person to person but is also larger in its impact. Wherever the community is it must be concentrated enough so that its members can work coherently and embrace each other’s partnership. The safety of the community lies in the idea that it is spread out yet small and concentrated at the same time. No matter what happens in any location, the community remains safe. Anyone who is willing to work in partnership with the same mindset and goals may join the community. People who cannot live in partnership with the community or the environment may not join. As a leadership model for the community, everyone must set an example for their neighbor. Partnership does not have one person superior to another, instead, everyone must be the shoulder to lean on for the next. To enhance relationships with the environment new technologies must be made, one of these could be an improvement in solar energy harvesting. This would work by instead of using inorganic substances to create eclectic charge based on photon excitement, we would genetically modify organisms to synthesize biofuels from multiple wavelengths. This would substantially increase the efficiency of renewable energy harvesting and have a cascade effect on many other issues such as water desalination. Through all these efforts I believe an earthseed community could not only be sustained on its own but thrive and lead as an example for the world to follow. The two factors of the community that will make a better future are collaboration and earth conservation. When people are connected in a community they are in sync as one allowing everyone to focus on a common goal and build a better future. Conservation of the earth resources is a must for the future, without it there is no future.

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