There are a total of six (6) essay questions on the final exam.

I have attached the questions in a MS Word Document. (look above for the attachment)


Each of the questions is designed to test your knowledge of a particular topic that we have discussed throughout the term. Perhaps more importantly, the questions are designed to evaluate your ability to apply these topics operationally and your ability to understand the interrelatedness of the topics.

Four of the questions are worth 10 points. The remaining two are worth 30 points.

The (10) ten point questions, while categorized as essay questions, are really short answers. You should be able to handle them in 2 to 3 paragraphs.

The (30) thirty point questions are more involved and may require a longer answer perhaps 4 to 6 well thought out paragraphs.

Please use credible and relevant sources in your submission. You must include a list of references in MLA format for each question.

Examination Guidelines:

This examination is an individual effort. You may not consult with any other class members. You may use any materials submitted or posted to the ulearn class room as long as it is properly cited.

1. Once you start the exam you have (4) hours to complete it. You may close and reopen the exam as long as you save each answer individually and DO NOT hit submit.

2. You should organize all your previously submitted assignments into one MS word document and have them open and available when you attempt the exam.

3. When taking the exam NEXT WEEK you should be prepared to copy your responses from the MS Word check it for accuracy first and then paste them into the submission box for each question. If you have trouble with the boxes; first click outside the box and then click in the box until the cursor appears.

4. Keep a copy of all your responses in case you have technical difficulties.

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