due today 300 pm every question 100 words references

1) What are the downsides to a state allowing initiative and referendum measures on the ballot? 



Take a look at http://votesmart.org/elections/ballot-measures/2012/FL#.U2uBXl63aIw

which shows the measures that were on the Florida ballot during the 2012 election. As you can see, we had a VERY long ballot…which made voting slow…and resulted in some people still being in line to vote 8 hours after the polls officially closed on Election Day.

 Using the drop-down menu at the top, locate the results of ballot measures for another state (of your choice) for the 2012 election. Why were these measures successful or failures?



One thing that I hope each of you has seen over the last six weeks is how much incorrect information pervades law and politics. The only way to know the truth is to seek out and read multiple sources, from a variety of perspectives.

 Are voters are easily manipulated? Why or why not?



If you were charged with a serious crime that you did not commit, would you rather have an elected judge or a judge with a lifetime appointment overseeing your trial? Why?


What would be the pros and cons of having a recall system for the President or members of Congress? On balance, would you support such a measure? Why or why not?


How can Arizona residents ensure that citizen initiatives that are passed are actually implemented and enforced by government officials? If a majority in the government supported the intiiative, wouldn’t it have been easier just to have them pass it as a law in the first place?


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