Drawing on what you have learnt from Steve’s lecture, what are the challenges, and opportunities, for leaders who want to use advertising and campaigns to promote positive change in society? Essay Help

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Drawing on what you have learnt from Steve’s lecture, what are the challenges, and opportunities, for leaders who want to use advertising and campaigns to
promote positive change in society?

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This is an online discussion . P.1: answer the question. P2: repsond to 2 students’ statement.

In this week’s lecture, Steve talked about his approach to influencing change through his business’ focus on advertising ‘for good things, not bad things’. Steve
provided lots of examples of how his business, Creative Concern, uses a range of (sometimes controversial) approaches to engage people’s attention and, ultimately, to
influence their behaviour. Steve argued that the most effective approach for engaging with people is to appeal to their ‘intrinsic’ values. He contrasts this with the
approaches used by the many, extremely powerful, media and advertising campaigns that appeal to ‘extrinsic’ values.
(For more on how these terms are defined see the short articles by Tom Compton in the Additional Information section of this week’s lecture materials).

P.1 (~300words with at least 3 references)
In your answer you should:
• use evidence to support your argument
You could:
• use examples to illustrate your answer, which could be drawn from Steve’s lecture, or other advertisements and campaigns
• apply your understanding of leadership theory to support your argument

P.2 responds/ discuss the points from 2 students (about 120words per students)

Student 1 statement:
Advertising is a great way for leaders to express their views and try to encourage positive change in individuals because it gives them the chance to target a larger
audience than they originally may have been able to influence without it. However, the biggest struggle is making their advertisement stand out. It has been found that
on average we see at least 3,500 advertising messages a day and 99% make little or no impact [1]. So how do leaders make their advertisement stand out?

An example of a successful positive campaign is the ”This girl can” advertisement (ran by Sports England) which aimed to tackle the gender gap in those exercising.
Since the ad has been run there have been 1.6million more women taking part in sport and exercising, reducing the gender gap [2]. The success of the campaign was down
to the extensive research into why women exercise less, which was found to be due to their fear of judgement from others. They used powerful, provoking lines from real
people in the advertisement and this shows it’s effective to really connect with your audience and to their basic values.This advert can also be an effective example
of transformational leadership through media because it has a leader (Sports England) engaging and connecting with those viewing the campaign (the followers) to boost
their motivation and morality to make a positive change of both the leader and follower.


[1] Gibson, Owen. “Shopper’s eye view of ads that pass us by.” The Guardian, November 19, 2005. Accessed April 29, 2017.

[2] Kemp, Nicola. “Case Study: How ‘This girl can’ got 1.6 million women exercising.” Campaign. May 18, 2016. Accessed April 29, 2017.

[3] Northgate. ‘Leadership: Practice and Theory’, 2005 6th Edition

Student 2 statement:
Nowadays it is extremely challenging for a leader to effectively portray their message for positive change, in an appropriate media style, without altering their
message image. The long-term psychological impact of advertising is now becoming of upmost importance to leaders rather than just simply catching the attention of the
audience [1].

As highlighted in Steve’s lecture, people are more likely to engage with adverts that connect to their intrinsic values rather than extrinsic values. Research has
found that intrinsic values such as those for love, justice and community are more likely to motivate people to make positive change rather than extrinsic values such
as public image [1]. However, 76% of people feel like others don’t hold the same values as them. It is therefore important for leaders to consider this fact, and
therefore portray a strong sense of community in their campaigns.

Digital marketing experts estimate that Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each day [2], therefore it is evident that leaders can use this
exposure as an opportunity to make change in society by educating a wide-range audience on current issues such as global warming. The sheer volume of ads, however,
makes it increasingly competitive to capture the attention of the audience.

Steve mentioned an unsuccessful recycling campaign which purposely made the audience feel guilt for their actions. As a consequence, recycling rates decreased at the
time and this was most likely due to the audience ‘rebelling’ after having been offended. This implies that leaders are also challenged by the sensitivity of their
audience and that they need to remain highly aware of this.


[1] Crompton, T. and McMahon, S. (2017). Balancing intrinsic and extrinsic values. [online] the Guardian. Available at: https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-
business/social-psychologists-environmental-values [Accessed 30 Apr. 2017].

[2] Marshall, R. (2017). How Many Ads Do You See in One Day? Get your Advertising Campaigns heard.. [online] Red Crow Marketing. Available at:
https://www.redcrowmarketing.com/2015/09/10/many-ads-see-one-day/ [Accessed 30 Apr. 2017].


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