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Assignment #1 – Due Saturday October 27th
Hard Rock Cafe
Student Task
As an assistant in the Hard Rock Corporate Identity Division, you have been asked to draft a persuasive message to be sent to the Edinburgh International Comedy Festival. In doing research, you learned that this festival is one of the three largest comedy festivals in the world, alongside Melbourne Madness Festival and Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival. An annual event, the Edinburgh International Comedy Festival takes over this Scotland city each autumn with stand-up comedy, cabaret, theater, street performance, film, television, radio, and visual arts programs. Some of the programs raise funds for charity.
The problem is that the festival is staging some of its events at the Hard Rock Cafe, and the festival is using outdated Hard Rock logos at their Web site and in print announcements. Your task is to persuade the Edinburgh International Comedy Festival organizers to stop using the old logos. Explain why it is necessary to use the official Hard Rock logo. Make it easy for them to obtain the official logo at <http://www.hardrock.net.official.logo>. Organizers must also sign the logo usage agreement. Organizers may be resistant because they have invested in announcements and Web designs with the old logo. If they don’t comply by June 1, Hard Rock attorneys may begin legal actions. However, you need to present this date without making it sound like a threat. Your boss wants this message to develop goodwill, not motivate antagonism.
Write a persuasive e-mail message to Edinburgh International Comedy Festival organizer Barry Cook at <[email protected]>. Add any reasonable details

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