dq1 applying ethical concepts 250word apa format

DQ#1: Applying Ethical Concepts 250+WORD APA FORMAT


Find and read the article by Granitz (2003) that is located in the Resources. Discuss any or all of the ethical issues associated with the article as follows:

1. Specify ethical issues that encircle the research problem

2. Specify the ethical issues that encircle the purpose or questions

3. Specify ethical issues that encircle the data collection

4. Specify the ethical issues that encircle the data analysis and interpretation


DQ#2: Scholarly Writing 250+ WORD APA FORMAT

Discuss your experience with scholarly writing and research. Some students may not have any experience in research; but may have future plans/desires for research and writing. What research and writing concepts have been insightful to you during this course so far? Cite at least one source in your discussion of scholarly experience or plans.

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