DQ 8

2 to 3 sentences per question


1. Analyze the two (2) basic types of reserves that project managers should become familiar with, as discussed in the Kerzner text. Distinguish three (3) appropriate possibilities that are associated with the type of reserve. Provide the rationale for your response.


2. Determine two (2) instances when subtask estimates would not be rolled up to their parent tasks. Support your response and rationale with real-world examples of such conditions. 


3. Imagine that you are a project manager, and your project schedule indicates that the work to be completed by a critical resource will not be finished in time to meet a predetermined release date for the resource in question. Determine your options and potential trade-offs. Support your response and rationale with real-world examples of the chosen options and trade-offs in use


4. Considering project scope, project cost, and project schedule, describe one (1) type of contract for which the project manager would most likely allow cost overruns to occur, and prepare a real-world example that illustrates that type of contract. 


5. Examine two (2) types of risk responses using the Kerzner text as a guide.  Using your own experiences or conceptualizing a national project, describe when each risk response would be appropriate.  Support your response and rationale with real-world examples. 


6. Determine the essential trade-off problems of projects today that have competing constraints. Include such topics as quality, image, risk, reputation, goodwill, and legal liability in your determination. Support your response and rationale with real-world examples. 


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