Dominic arrived at work and went behind the counter at the north end. As he faced out over the counter, north was to his right, south to his left. While he was standing at the north end, a customer ordered a sandwich. Dominic went through these steps:

  • 3 feet to his left to pick up the bread
  • 2 feet to his right to put bread on the plate
  • 4 feet to his left to get mayo and pickles
  • 2 feet to his left to pick up knife and spoon
  • Returned to where the bread was on the plate
  • Turned around and got the salami out of the refrigerator
  • Put the sandwich together
  • 3 feet to the left to serve the customer
  • 4 feet to the left to get a soda
  • Back to the customer to give him the soda
  • To the south end of the counter to pick up the customer’s money

Make suggestions for a more efficient arrangement.

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