Does Organisational culture affect the performance of firms case study of European manufacturing firms Essay Help

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Does Organisational culture affect the performance of firms case study of European manufacturing firms
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You are required to submit a proposal by 12:00 noon Friday 12th May 2017.
The proposal is formally marked and this counts as 15% of the overall mark. The percentages below give an indication of the breakdown of marks within that
15% and the time that should be spent on each. The proposal should be submitted electronically via Moodle using both the eSubmission link and the Turnitin links
provided. Your supervisor will provide feedback on the proposal however the mark will stand.
The Proposal is a development of the initial Research Topic and will take the format of Background, Aims and Objectives, Rationale, Outline Literature Review, Outline
Methodology, and Project Plan (GANTT chart or similar).
The proposal should include the following:
Title and Background (10%). A clear and critical understanding of your chosen topic. The topic must be both worthwhile and relevant to your pathway as reflected by:
A working title – this may be changed later.
One or more clear research questions.
Explain the background to these questions in context, e.g. their relevance to your degree subject.

Aims and Objectives (10%).
Aims – usually one main aim.
Objectives – usually 3 to 5 more specific that aims, and refine the aim(s) into smaller parts
Rationale (10%). The rationale for your chosen topic, i.e. the reasons why it is being carried out.

Outline Literature Review (30%). A short review of literature relevant to your topic. The review must reflect:
Provide proof of scholarship
Reflect your basic understanding of your topic
Reflect your intellectual ability to construct critical arguments based on your reading of the relevant literature.

Outline Methodology (25%). A well-reasoned methodological approach in terms of:
The scope of the research
The choice of a research strategy
A basic understanding of methods and techniques to collect primary data
If a survey is to be used this should include how you intend to select your sample and distribute questionnaires.
What tools and techniques will be used to analyse the data.

Project Plan (15%). An appreciation of your research’s feasibility within the time available to you. A Project Plan using a GANTT chart or similar graphical device
showing activities to be undertaken at specific times.

The criteria for marking the proposal will also include:

The quality of your proposal in terms of structure, style and presentation.

Maximum word limit: 1500 words
The word limit excludes the title page, contents list, abstract, references and appendices.
The Proposal counts as 15% of the overall mark, the Report counts as the remaining 85%.


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