do you think that people who choose to donate their organs should be compensated

APA format, please provide references and 1-2 paragraphs.  Thank you

(1)Because doctors are well compensated for their services, do you think that people who choose to donate their organs should be compensated, as well? Both do good work toward improving the health of the population, and this would solve the problem of too few organs available for transplantation.”

Do you agree with the argument? Why, or why not?



    • The cause of Mr. Johnson’s death is rat poison.
    • Mrs. Johnson was seen buying rat poison just 3 days before the death of Mr. Johnson.


(?) Mrs. Johnson killed Mr. Johnson.

If you were a prosecutor, how would you present this argument in court? If you were a defense lawyer, how could you counter the prosecution’s argument?



CASE STUDY: Due Friday at 1800, please provide references, APA format. Thank you


It is often claimed that smoking causes cancer. This is usually presented as a reason why people should either give up smoking, or else not start smoking. It is sometimes combined with other claims about smoking, such as that it is expensive or that it will lead to the deterioration of one’s looks.

What sort of argument would claim that a link exists between smoking and cancer? What would make this a stronger argument? What would weaken it?

What type of argument could this become once other claims are added to it? How would this latter type of argument be assessed?

Would either type of argument prove definitely that one should not smoke? Why or why not?

Write a four-page essay that answers these questions. Be clear to differentiate between the first given argument and the other arguments that you would construct. While a thesis for this essay is not imperative, the essay should include an introduction and conclusion.

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