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Strategy, Vision, and Organizational Culture


Leaders establish organizational direction through vision and strategy. They are responsible for studying the organization’s environment, considering how it may be different in the future, and setting a direction everyone can believe in. The shared vision is an attractive, ideal future for the organization that is credible yet not readily attainable. A clear, powerful vision links the present and the future by showing how present actions and decisions can move the organization toward its long-range goals. Vision energizes employees and gives them an inspiring picture of the future to which they are eager to commit themselves. The vision can also give meaning to work and establish a standard of excellence by presenting a challenge that asks all workers to give their best.

Leaders also influence organizational culture and ethical values. Culture is the set of key values, norms, and assumptions that is shared by members of an organization and taught to new members as correct. Culture serves two critically important functions—to integrate organizational members so they know how to relate to one another and to help the organization adapt to the environment. Strong, adaptive cultures have a positive impact on organizational outcomes. Creating and influencing an adaptive culture is important because the right culture can drive high performance. Leaders build high performance cultures by emphasizing both values and solid business operations as the drivers of organizational success.

Part One – Discussion Questions:

Using the Discussion Question Template, answer the following two questions from your book:
• #8 on page 418 (I have attached a screenshot)

• #10 on page 452 (I have attached a screenshot)
Watch the grammar, the presentation, spelling, and your content. Refer to the grading rubric for assistance.

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